Hello, I’m Ana

A dedicated professional businesswoman, proud Latina, and a loving mother of four wonderful kids. I value my roles as a wife, daughter, and friend, cherishing the relationships that enrich my life.

With a deep passion for learning and honing new skills, I have always been a DIY enthusiast at heart. Embracing the philosophy of the “Parable of the Talents” found in Matthew 25:14–30, I firmly believe that our talents multiply as we utilize them, and I strive to live by this principle every day.

Driven by my creative eye, love for celebration (which I attribute to my Latina heritage), and a genuine desire to make people feel special and loved, I embarked on the journey of creating BLISS BASH BALLOONS.

My journey began by planning and decorating numerous birthday parties for my children, family, and friends. Witnessing the transformative power of art in these events, I realized that I could bring the same joy and delight to work-related occasions that could benefit from a touch of BLISS. The overwhelming positive response and numerous requests for my creative services inspired me to take a leap of faith and assume the role of a small business owner.

At BLISS BASH BALLOONS, my mission is to make your BASH or special day truly memorable, leaving an indelible mark on your long-term memories. I firmly believe that nothing embodies the spirit of celebration quite like a balloon does, and you can trust me to deliver pure BLISS to your BASH .

Wishing you abundant blessings and the joy of “Pura vida,”
Ana Alvarez